Apartment Living Tips: Part 3

I'm back with more tips for apartment living! This is my third installment in this 'series' - I hope you find some of these ideas helpful.

Mmmm...dusty French press.

1. Save that coffee! Okay, so this isn't the most pleasant idea, but if you're short on time and money, don't waste the coffee. Make 2 cups in the morning, drink one and save the other to reheat the next morning.

2. Weekly dishes. Do you have roommates? More specifically, do you have roommates who don't enjoy doing the dishes...like, ever? Make a weekly schedule - each week it's someone's turn to take care of the kitchen. Obviously ask everyone to make an effort to clean up their own mess, but if the dishes start to pile up, it's that person's responsibility to do them.

3. Food sharing. Label your food and ask for permission before eating someone else's food! (I actually wrote on my bananas with a Sharpie this week...)

4. No more holes in the wall! Start hanging pictures with binder clips instead of nails or screws! You can see some big holes from a previous tenant in the photo above - bleh! I think I found this idea on A Beautiful Mess a while ago - I can't remember. I definitely didn't come up with it on my own, but I think it's genius. I love the industrial-yet-creative vibe of it.

Hope these little tips helped! Nothing groundbreaking - just things I've learned while living with people.

Oh yeah, one last tip: take out the trash often. And I mean often.