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Apartment Decorating, Part 1

As you may or may not know, I recently moved into the second-floor apartment of an old (I'd say early-to-mid 1900s) house in a neighborhood - quite a change from where I used to live! This apartment has many, many windows (yay for natural light!) and all hard-wood or linoleum floors. A giant kitchen/dining area opens into another giant living area, while a galley kitchen opens off the opposite side of the dining area. There are literally windows everywhere. My roommate and I thought we would have enough to fill the space, but we way underestimated it! Not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm ready to be rid of that hollow echo every time I speak - it's not cozy at all. Sunday night I decided to get to work. I had gone out thrifting earlier in the day to a bunch of consignment stores, and came back with two matching end tables, a lamp base and shade, and a few frames/pictures. I really wanted to get on with the apartment decorating!

Apartment Decorating

Apartment Decorating

First I painted the end tables white, leaving a few unpainted spots to give them a 'rustic' look. (They mostly look just badly painted, but oh well - you can't really tell from a distance).

Apartment Decorating

Next, I painted the lampshade a warm orange and added a gold stripe. (These photos are from my phone - the good old 4s is starting to fail me with those lowlight photos.)

Apartment Decorating

Apartment Decorating

Finally, I put up a motif of pictures behind my vintage chair! (These were taken with my real camera ;) ). Don't you love?

We have a variety of colors in the living room (light green-blue, white, orange, sage green, brown, etc.) and I think we both want to keep it warm and homey - not too put-together, but definitely decorated. I would call my style "eclectic bohemian" - I love the idea of layering textiles, vintage pictures, lots of cushions and color, plants, and wood.

Next on the list to buy:

  • Plants
  • More rugs or a single bigger rug to layer with the two woven rugs
  • Vintage bookshelf

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into every day life! Got any apartment decorating tips? Leave them in the comments!

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