Adventures in Refashioning, Part III

It's finally finished!

  This dress took much longer than the pink one to finish. Which is usually the case if you're like me and you decide to trim the dress with your own crocheted lace. 

That wasn't the plan in the first place, though - I accidentally cut off too much of the hem, and had to figure out a way to make it a bit longer without ruining the dress completely. First I thought perhaps I'd sew a ruffle from the piece I cut off, but it wasn't wide enough. Then I thought I'd make the dress completely my own by trimming it with my own lace. Of course it took much longer than I anticipated, since I work during the day and have to stay up late at night in order to get work done on creative stuff. 
But I finished the trim and sewed it on all in good time, and now I have a beautiful new dress for summertime! The cool part is, nobody else has anything like it - it's original. That's what I love about making (or re-making) my own clothes!
P.S. The pattern for the trim is available for download on Ravelry and Craftsy! You can also check out my blog post about it.
Happy Monday!