Adventures in Refashioning, Part II

The pink dress is finished!
It went from this lovely shape (granted, I took the picture with the dress inside-out, but it was still ugly!):
And I did make something decent! Or halfway decent. You tell me.

Still figuring out my camera...I had it on a tripod for these photos, and you'll notice in the first porch photo that the focus is on the woods behind me instead of, uh, me. Um...I did that on purpose! Really.
Anyway, I took in the sides of the dress about two inches, cut off about ten inches of the hem, and cut off and hemmed the sleeves. I really like how it turned out. The floral fabric is gorgeous, it's light enough for hot summer days, and the style is quaint and old-fashioned. 
This is one of my very first refashion projects. I can't wait to show you my black dress with the lace trim! You can catch a tiny glimpse of it in this post . Photos coming soon!