Adventures in Refashioning, Part I

I know I should probably stick to crocheting/knitting and not make things complicated for myself, but I can't help trying new things! I love making stuff.

My newest obsession is making new clothes out of old ones. A Goodwill store recently opened up near me and the possibilities just became endless. I want to make myself some pretty dresses for summer that aren't too short or too low-cut - I'm not exactly petite. So after some inspiration from Refashionista and a lot of Pinterest surfing, I decided to grab myself some oversized dresses and start slashing/sewing!

I love the fabrics I found. I only have one question:

Let's hope! I'll be sure to post pictures of my progress, and the two other dresses I picked up!
And just for the record, I'm making these dresses completely my own by adding a bit of crochet to at least one of them.There might even be a new pattern in the works for more lace edging!