A Reminder - and hi, by the way

Don't forget - I'm on Instagram and Twitter too! Blogging unfortunately takes a bit more effort when I'm away from my laptop and using my IPod Touch (no, I don't have a smartphone - one of the proud few) I can't even figure out how to add links to this post on this thing - how lame is that? So for those of you who care to read directions and are even remotely interested in following me and seeing what I'm up to in my creative endeavors, look to the right of this post. Right underneath my artsy face (changing that picture soon) you will see a few rows of icons. Two of those icons look remarkably like the Twitter and Instagram icons, respectively. This is not a coincidence. Click either one to start following me!

Thanks everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season - Christmas is in two days! Merry Christmas!