A New Perspective (and happy Friday!)

Last Sunday the weather was amazing. Warm, sunny, and the sky was so clear. Bright blue sky never ceases to amaze me, especially when that color is deepened and accentuated by the budding greenness all around it. Spring is here! I spent the afternoon doing yard work and exploring the little places I used to visit when I was young. I once transplanted a bunch of moss from our brook to a little nook in the stone wall that divides our property line, to create a sort of fairy garden. It's still thriving and green and beautiful. Sometimes you have to get down on your knees or crouch and get a new perspective.

IMG_3950 IMG_3961 IMG_3957


Lie down, kneel, flip upside down, and see what you can see. It's amazing how a new perspective can change the way you think and view the world.

For example, the Lord recently showed me that people are objects of His love. I learned that I view people in the light of self-gain: what can people give me? How can I please them? What can I do to earn their approval and not be rejected? How can I get people to like me and make me feel loved and wanted?

This is kind of a really tough way to live. Believe me, I've been doing it for way too long. But God in His love and mercy and grace showed me that people are not objects of self-gain or self-worth - they are objects of His love. He loves them SO much. And because I'm a child of God, I am a distributor of His love. I get to show His love to them through words and actions and prayer. What a privilege! What a responsibility! What an honor! And what a release. I don't have to worry about what people think. I don't need validation from people. The only Person who I need approval from is the Lord. And so I ask for strength and He changes me little by little, from the inside out. I ask Him to make me humble, and to realize truly in my heart that I have done NOTHING to earn His grace. To fill me so full of His love that it must pour out upon others.

Anyway, rather a deep turn of events here, but it's to be expected! This is a creative blog, and the Lord blessed me with creativity because He is the Ultimate Creator. So how can I not give glory to Him and talk about Him?

Thanks for reading, friends! Happy Friday! I hope you have a lovely weekend - get outside if you can and take some deep breaths. Lie on the grass, look at the sky, and think about God's love for you.