A Day in the Life: New Job!

A Day in the Life-New Job!Friends! This is a life update, so don't get bored. I like to post these now and again, so you can get to know me better and catch a little glimpse of my day-to-day life.

The long and short of it is - I finally have a job again! Lots of praise hands, rejoicing, happiness, excitement, relief, and gratitude. As many of you know, I moved to Arkansas in the summer of 2013 to do a discipleship program called Lightbearers (you should check them out - they're amazing). Weird place to choose to move, I know, but I have cousins who live there with their husbands, and was able to meet a few other people before moving. I lived there until December of 2014, and then moved back to NH. I had been working in the library of the city I lived in, and of course had to quit when I realized I was leaving AR.

So began nearly six months of searching, applying, working hard on my Etsy shop and this blog, and learning lots of lessons. Most of my job experience has been working with books (2 library jobs and an indie bookstore job), so I was looking for something in that niche. It's what I'm good at, it's what I enjoy (aside from my creative biz), but it took a long time to find anything. I interviewed at several different places, and learned a lot about the interview and job search process.

But at long last, I'm a library aide for a little town library 15 minutes from my house! It was a great opportunity - I interviewed for a different position at the same library, and though they didn't hire me, they ended up contacting me a few months later about another job there. How wonderful, and how blessed I am to be given this position! It's part-time, which will allow me to continue work on my lampshade commission and keep my Etsy shop running. I've really missed working in a library. I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories to share with you!

So that's the life update from here. Thanks for reading!