A Day in the Life: Meet the Pets

Welcome to another DITL post! Today I'm going to introduce you to a few of the many pets my family owns. 11 in all! Yes, this is a filler post - I haven't had any time to create new products or new DIYs with this fiber art commission, but I have a little bit of a breather next week, so we'll see what gets done!IMG_4825 IMG_4966 First, we have Ranger the Mini-Rex Rabbit. He's the sweetest bunny you'll ever meet - he doesn't like to be held, but he loves his face being rubbed and kissed, and back rubs. I have many nicknames for him that sort of evolve from each other: Bunny, Bunnymund, Bunnymundo, and Mundo. Don't ask. My voice changes drastically when I'm talking to the animals. Heh.


Next up, Hawkeye the Black-Capped Conure. Honestly, I have no great love for this bird, but he has his moments of sweetness. When he's in a good mood, he enjoys his head rubbed and he likes standing on one leg when he's sleepy. Actually, at this point we're not sure of his gender, but I like to call it a 'he'.


Then we have Peanut, my sister's sweet parakeet. He has the happiest little twittering song!

IMG_5410 IMG_4833

Next we have two cats and two dogs. Our cats are named Emma and Pippin, respectively, and they both love sleeping on and under my bed. Emma has this amusing asthmatic way of breathing when she's happy, and Pippin can't meow correctly, thus earning his nickname of 'Squeaker'.


Bella is a rescue from Puerto Rico, and I've begun to realize she loves drama. She'll bark just to get our other dog Toby going, and she likes to howl heart-breakingly when her mama (MY mama) is gone.

Aren't they the sweetest? In addition, we have another dog, another bird, a leopard gecko, and a bearded dragon lizard. Whoa! They certainly make life more interesting around here. Enjoy!