A Day in the Life: Home in the Studio

Hey everyone! I want to start sharing some 'day in the life' posts with you guys - you know, show my work, introduce a little of my home, post some lifestyle photos, etc. Today's DITL post is focused on my home studio! Home in the Studio

Let's be honest - my 'studio' is really 1/3 of my bedroom. I'm blessed to have a long rectangular room with a window at one end, so I'm able to set up a big table under the window and store all my things toward that side of the room. You can see part of my bed in the photo above :)

Home in the Studio

Since taking these photos, I've tidied up my space even more, but I did manage to make it look somewhat presentable for the glimpses I'm showing you. Above is my bulletin board, with beautiful lettering by my lovely friend Rachel and other pretty things. I use the mirror for trying and testing jewelry pieces, sometimes for a light reflector when taking photos, and I've found it also makes a wonderful spot for sticky notes. Home in the Studio

Home in the Studio

Home in the Studio Home in the Studio


I'm so thankful to have this little corner where I can create with enough space, light, color, inspiration, and freedom.

I hope you enjoyed my little studio tour and glimpses of my process! I'm looking forward to sharing more behind-the-scenes glimpses with you in the future.