A Bit of DIY and Finishing Up Projects

Remember my post DIY Dress Makeover Tips? I finally finished the dress I was working on! If you've been reading my not-so-frequent updates, you probably know that I've had a lot of other things going on and haven't been able to focus on my crafting as much lately. But today I was able to finish the dress:

I'm hoping to wear it to a friend's wedding in August - she's going to be married in an apple orchard. Very romantic! 
While going through my bureau and cleaning out my clothes, I came across a sweater from a few years ago that was too small. I didn't like how short it was on me, the sleeves rode up on my long arms, and overall it wasn't the best fit on me. But I loved the color and the knit is nice and warm, so I decided to try out a tutorial I found on Pinterest a while back and make it into a cardigan! I didn't take pictures (much too hot!), but you can check out the original tutorial below (photo from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar)
Check out her website for the rest of the tutorial! Never too early to start preparing for fall and winter, right? I'm already thinking about knitting and crocheting with heavy yarns again. Still have to finish my car blanket, and I forgot about the best way to acquire cheap new yarn: unraveling old sweaters from the thrift shop. The possibilities are growing...