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Growing a Tree: The Act of Weaving

I do most of my weaving late at night, after I've done homework and the dinner dishes. Sometimes I listen to music while I weave. Sometimes I talk to God and stay silent as I weave. Sometimes I put on a movie or listen to the traffic going by outside, as the sun sets and the streetlights pop on. It's very easy for me to get lost in the process and come to my senses hours later, when my back is protesting and my eyes are heavy. If I could weave all night, I probably would.

Weaving Class with Tom Jipson

This class was good for my creative soul. The rhythm of weaving is like nothing else. Reading the drafts is like figuring out a puzzle, and putting colors together is like painting a beautiful picture from your mind alone. The studio was filled with the sound of the harnesses lifting and the treadles clacking and the low murmur of kindred spirits encouraging you on to further progress.