7 Things

Starting a 7 Things series after being inspired by Bleubird Vintage - her blog is so pretty and I love that she writes both about her job and style, as well as everyday life. As much as I love sharing DIY projects and shop updates (did I mention more rings are coming soon?), I'm also a real person and want to share life happenings and everyday writings with you. 17182421

Books // This week I'm reading The Returned by Jason Mott for book club (I was recently promoted to a full-time position at my library, and one of the responsibilities that came with it is leading an evening book discussion).

Dear Wormwood cover art

Music // The Oh Hello's released their new album last week. Give a listen and do yourself a favor: buy it.

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Fashion // I want this entire outfit.


Food // This pea soup my former roommate and now best friend cooked for me in Arkansas. She actually blanched the peas and made her own creme fraiche to create this delicious dish.


Weather // This week has been sunny and beautiful. Driving to work every morning has been magical - the unbelievable foliage is at its best when the sun is slanting through the trees at dawn or dusk.

Álftavatn, Iceland:

Places // It's still Iceland. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty may have been released a few years ago, but I'm still dying to book that ticket to Reykjavik. This makes me sound like a wanna-be hipster, but I honestly liked Iceland before it was cool. Journey to the Center of the Earth is my favorite Jules Verne novel.



Movies // I took a trip with my sisters and mom to see Pan. It was enjoyable, if not a little too Pirates of the Caribbean. What I want to see: Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks.