7 Creative People to Follow on Pinterest

7 Creative People to Follow on Pinterest Today I'm sharing 7 creative people to follow on Pinterest! They inspire me every time they pin something (seriously, they do!) and set a great example for those of you who want to gain followers and promote your interests in a tasteful way. Here we go!

1. Merriweather Council. Danielle is such a cool person - she's artsy, craftsy, creative...sy, and a darn smart businesswoman to boot! She has a ton of great boards, each targeted to a specific interest, season, or even color. Give her a follow and I promise you won't be disappointed!

2. Lacelit|Kimberley Taylor-Pestell. This girl. She is a wonderfully talented artist in her own right, and I absolutely love the pins she chooses. Her taste is exquisite.

3. Littlest Crochet Shop. I'm not a mom yet, but Brittany is, and she runs such a cute shop of crochet and handmade items for babies and young children! Her boards are full of adorable ideas for kids' rooms, DIYs, small business tips, and even living spaces.

4. How Sweet Eats. She runs a cooking website and does some of the most amazing food styling I've ever seen! She also pins beautiful images, full of inspiration, style, and creativity. I feel very sophisticated scrolling through (and often repinning) her pins and boards.

5. Zoom Yummy. Are you a crocheter? You NEED to be following Petra! She lives in Europe and she actually inspired me to buy my first DSLR - among her crochet patterns and how-tos, she is also a talented food photographer and cook in her own right.

6. Paper & Stitch|Brittni Melhoff. Brittni is an extreme DIY blogger and her boards are bursting with inspiration and color! Bonus: she teaches a class on Skillshare on how to create a DIY tutorial. Check it out!

7. By Regina. Regina is a top-notch consultant, inspiring tons of people every day on blogging, creating ebooks, running a freelance business, and more! Her boards include lots of relevant small business resources that have been extremely helpful.

I hope you enjoyed this little list! In other news, I'm excited to (hopefully) have more time for blogging, DIYs, and Etsy. I shipped off the first batch of my fiber art installation to the lighting manufacturer. Now it's time to work on the second batch! The second batch is made up of smaller sizes, though, and will be less stressful to work on. Stay tuned! For more current updates, be sure to follow me on Instagram or Twitter.