6 Springtime Projects

It's springtime, and for many people that means weddings or housewarmings. Here's a little collection of pretty, useful projects you can make for someone you know who's getting married or moving somewhere new. A handmade gift means so much, especially when made by a friend.
1.) Striped Dishcloths 
These cute striped cotton dishcloths warm up any kitchen sink - the color combos are endless and better still, they whip up fast! Download the pattern for free at Ravelry.

2.) Useful Scrubbers

Definitely a must-have for a new kitchen - these scrubbers are machine-washable and dryable, and can be re-used over and over. Make a few in bright colors and wrap them with a pretty bow. Buy the pattern at Ravelry for $5.00
3.) Braided Rug Tutorial

A simple braided rug adds charm to any home. This is a great DIY project for beginners, as well as people who don't really enjoy sewing (me!). You can check out my version here, or head on over to A Beautiful Mess for the original tutorial
4.) Reusable Cup Sleeves

Okay, these are a cute gift for anyone, really. They can be worked up in any color or combo of colors, and they make a great alternative to the cardboard sleeves handed out at coffee shops! Download the pattern for free at Ravelry
5.) Colorful Flower Coasters
You may be noticing a trend here - the majority of these patterns use cotton yarn, and why not? Cotton is a spring fiber, and extremely versatile. It's washable, sturdy, and comes in a variety of colors. Try these flower coasters out - they're wonderfully easy and make an adorable housewarming gift. Download the pattern now for free at Ravelry.
6.) Mod Podge Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to stiffen motifs with Mod Podge, and it also includes a cute motif pattern that can be used for anything from coasters to pendants. I personally love the idea of a stiff, lacy coaster made from this pattern. Make a bunch in solid colors or mix up a few contrasting colors for a lovely gift! Follow the tutorial here.