5 Weekend Crochet Projects (for free!)

This weekend I'm bringing you a collection of quick crochet projects that you can do in 2 or 3 evenings. It's wintertime - hibernation time - nesting time! So this is me encouraging you to curl up by the fire under a blanket with a steaming cup of tea at your elbow, and make something cozy. Sound good?

1. Chunky Crochet Blanket by Melody Maria Fulone. Wait, that's me! Yes, I'm unashamedly sharing my own pattern, and yes, it's first on the list. But seriously, this blanket is just the coziest. Right now it's hanging over the back of a darling little black rocker in my parents' living room, and used frequently to warm the knees. Do try it in multiple colors, and show me your results!
2. Stripy Cowl from Yvestown. I love how tall this cowl is - makes for some intense slouching! I also love the color pallet. Crocheted completely in double crochet, it's the perfect project to accompany a movie.
3. Crochet Frames from a dubious website and subsequently Pinterest. The photo is self-explanatory and even though this is not my idea, I have not included photo credit because I was afraid to click through the link. Anyway, it's a super cute idea and when I come across some old postcards or pictures, I want to try it!
4. Extreme Chunky Crochet Heart Pillow from Lebenlustiger. Ahhh, this heart pillow is so cute! If you happen to have any extremely thick yarn lying around, you should definitely make this pillow. Or just double up a ton of DK weight. Show me your results!
5. Cotton Silk Crochet Beret from Pierrot Yarns. Pierrot has some of the most beautiful crochet patterns I've ever seen. Unfortunately most of them are in Japanese, but not to worry - if you can read crochet charts, you'll love their patterns! This one is for an adorable beret, reminiscent of the 1930s. Depending on how fast you crochet, it may take more than a weekend, but give it a try! 
Happy crocheting!