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5 Ways to Escape the Creativity Rut

5 Ways to Escape the Creativity Rut

5 Ways to Escape the Creativity Rut
5 Ways to Escape the Creativity Rut

Hey all! Today I'm sharing my 5 ways to escape the creativity rut. Because it definitely exists, and we all end up in it sometimes. These are some of the things I do to get out of that place and get the creativity happening again! 

Break away from your current project. Seriously, work on a different kind of project, using a completely different technique/tool. Working on a painting? Take a break and do some embroidery or knitting. Making lots of jewelry? Grab your crochet hook instead or do some watercolors. Stitching or sewing? Go bake a batch of cookies or a fresh loaf of banana bread. Your hands will thank you, and your mind will feel refreshed and ready to go back to your original project after working on something else for a while.

Fold a basket of laundry. I'm serious. Even though I hate folding laundry, I actually feel more inspired & itching to create when I know I have to get something mundane done first. Folding laundry is mindless & menial - perfect for thinking over that next blog post, making a decision between marketing updates, or brainstorming new project ideas.

Go for a drive and get away from your workplace. See if you can grab a friend to go hang around Target, or drive to that little thrift store or bookshop you've been wanting to visit. Or go walk around your local craft store for a while and let the variety of colors and textures sink in. That always helps me!

Use the 45/15 rule. Pick a project, set your phone timer to 45 minutes, and WORK. When that timer goes off, set it again for 15 minutes and take a break! Go water your plants, visit your sister's lizards (maybe that's just me), and check the mailbox. This really works for me, when I remember to do it. Knowing I'm under a timer gives me the extra oomph I need to put some serious work into a project, or even finish it, and giving myself a specifically-timed break is much more effective than simply getting work done when I feel like it.

Take a nap. I used to not like this idea at all. I wasn't really a nap-taker (napper?) until I left home. It was weird to sleep in the middle of the day, my house was never 100% quiet, and I couldn't just fall asleep. But after I moved to AR, I got involved with lots of activities - from church production to my discipleship program to a part-time job to my Etsy shop - and as my nights got later, I realized I needed (and wanted!) to take naps. My conscience still sometimes thinks there isn't a valid reason to take a nap, but I think it's definitely okay to get more sleep if you have the time. Your body needs rest and so does your brain!

I hope these tips were helpful! What do you like to do to help recharge your creativity?

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