5 Tips for Your (Handmade) Business Instagram

Do you aspire to run a handmade business? Have an Etsy shop that you're looking to promote? Make cool things that you want to sell? I recommend Instagram for your visual marketing needs! I made an Instagram for my handmade business a few months ago and it's been really fun to update. Here are some tips for you.
  • Like your Etsy shop, your Instagram needs to be visually appealing and cohesive. When you post a picture of that new pair of mittens or that hat, try to use the same background or general styling. When I look at someone's business Insta, I don't like to see a ton of different photos that have nothing to do with their business name or the products they sell. I'm more likely to follow your business Insta if your photos run smoothly together and I have some idea of what you're actually selling. Save those cat photos (unless they're wearing an adorable kitty cowl) for your personal Instagram and invite people to follow you there if you want them to see more of your everyday life.
  • Tag tag tag! Check out your favorite Instagrammers and see what's working for them hashtag-wise. The right hashtags will get you the right audience and you're more likely to get your photos noticed by your ideal audience if you do some careful hashtag planning. 
  • Post often - daily, if you can! I hate finding a new Instagrammer, getting all excited, and then seeing that they only post something once every month. That's an instant unfollow. People are more likely to see your products if you post often.
  • Don't just use your phone camera. Honestly, this does take extra time, but it's worth it. Sometimes when my phone just isn't giving me the quality I need, I email myself photos of the item that I took with my DSLR and post those. (I love using Squaready for this technique! It allows me to post vertical and horizontal photos instead of having to crop all my photos to the standard 1:1 Instagram format.)
  • Leave comments and feedback for other Instagrammers. This is one of the best ways to make connections. Just like in real life, if you actually talk to someone you're more likely to make friends than if you're just standing there staring at them or their stuff. (Awkward. Imagine if social media was real life.) Leave a friendly comment, provide feedback if they're asking for it, and be kind and encouraging! We creatives like to help each other out. :)
I hope these tips were helpful for you! If you have any tips to offer handmade business creatives for Instagram, leave them in the comments below.