5 Sweet Recipes To Try: 5 Things Friday

This is the first post of a new weekly feature for Melmaria called 5 Things Friday. Every Friday I will be posting 5 things in a category - everything from recipes to photography tips to free patterns to inspiration photos to tutorials to designers!

This week we're doing sweet recipes! Since this is a handmade blog focused on creativity and homemade things, recipes in general will be included sometimes from here on out. There's even a handy link at the right side of this blog that's going to be devoted entirely to recipe posts - they'll be filed there as time goes on, so don't forget to refer there for some cooking or baking inspiration!

1. Blueberry Turnovers.
These turnovers are amazing, if I do say so myself. I came up with this quick and easy recipe a few years ago when I was trying out a cooking blog. A sweet, tart blueberry filling is enveloped in flaky pie crust, which is then brushed with egg and baked to golden perfection. A batch of homemade whipped cream adds the finishing touch to this satisfying fruit dessert.

2. Strawberry Muffins.
These fluffy muffins are delicious and low-calorie, and a great way to use strawberries in baking. Even though strawberries seem to be the mainstay for this recipe, sour cream and yogurt are actually the key ingredients for making the muffins light and airy. Try them out!
3. The Double Wide Cookie.
The origin of this concoction is a bit more local for me - the recipe was created in the restaurant Eleven at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. While I haven't personally tried this cookie yet, I'm looking forward to baking this recipe! It looks unique and delicious - two important factors in a recipe.
These are, in a word, decadent. Give them a try and I promise you won't regret it! I mean, sometimes you just have to make a really good (or really bad, depending on your point of view) dessert. And this is it.
I actually have my own photos of these prepared when I made them earlier this year. They turned out amazing and I developed a love for lemon curd. 

I hope you enjoyed this little list of recipes! Happy baking!