5 Free Scarves to Try

It's Friday again! Here are some great free scarves to try this weekend. You'll love this selection of patterns - from a knitted chevron cowl to an ultra-lacy crochet scarf, you're sure to find the perfect use for that skein of yarn you've had sitting around.

1. Circus Cowl by Julia de Boer

Improve your chevron skills with this cute knitted cowl! I love the color scheme used, but it would look equally great in other combos as well (blue, brown, and orange, anyone? Maybe that's just me).

2. Chunky Circle Scarf by Lindsi

So cute - this scarf looks great in crochet fan stitches, and I love the gray color! I may whip one of these up for myself one of these days...

3. Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinksi

This scarf probably won't take a single weekend (unless you're an extremely speedy crocheter), but it's definitely worth it! The stitch pattern is light and intricate, and I love the vibrant red color used.

4. Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen

I love the stitch pattern and overall look of this knitted scarf - I've seen photos of it knitted up in self-striping yarn as well as solid colors, and I love both!

5. Seed Stitch Cowl by Diana from Knit and Bake

This cowl is super, super easy - it only uses one skein of yarn and works up in a night or two! I love the texture of the seed stitch and the color she used to design it. The bulky, slouchy look may be in, but I really like the close fit of this cowl.

Happy knitting and crocheting!