4 Spring Crafts and Projects

The birds are singing, a green mist is stealing over the trees, and little flowers are blooming everywhere. Spring is here! I collected these projects for you.

omg this is amazing, because those lights with the round orby things are like, 10x as much as string lights
1/ DIY Cafe lights - I have seen this idea before, just using plain white string lights. Either will do! Imagine draping these across your porch or deck for a warm spring evening dinner, or hanging them in a bedroom. The ping-pong balls soften the bright lights and add a touch of luminous magic wherever you put them.
DIY Coffee Filter Flowers
2/ DIY Coffee Filter Flowers from Just Bella. Love them! These are on my roommate's wedding decor list.
P.S.-I made this...Crystal Cage Chandelier  #PSIMADETHIS #DIY @Sarah Kachevas Cord Company
3/ This one is from P.S. I Made This, and I love it. I want to make these. If I lived in one of those cool NYC lofts, I'd make a bunch to hang from the ceiling.
Make-a-Nature-Wall-Art-on-Canvas-for-you.jpg 400×1,600 pixels
4/ DIY Nature Wall Art. I suppose this one is pretty basic, but the possibilities are endless. Grab some 'souvenirs' on your next walk and decorate a canvas! I may actually do this with some dogwood blossoms.

Hope this little collection brought you some inspiration - springtime is one of the best times to be creative.