4 Hot Drinks to Try This Weekend

4 Hot Drinks to Try

The dead of winter is upon us! Time to stay inside, get cozy, and make some hot drinks! Here are some delicious recipes to get you warm again after a brisk round of skating, sledding or snowshoeing. 

Chai latte
Image from Live Simple.
1. Homemade Chai Tea Latte from Live Simply. Chai has always been one of my favorite hot drinks, ever since my first chai latte from a little place called Quickava. I'll never forget their description: "Spiced black tea sweetened with honey and milk." I've had many variations, and when I saw this recipe I was excited to try making my own chai latte - with an immersion blender! Give it a shot.
Slow Cooker Butterfinger Hot Chocolate Recipe on dineanddish.net
Image from Dine and Dish.
2. Slow Cooker Butterfinger Hot Chocolate from Dine and Dish. Oh my goodness. This is a HUGE splurge drink for sure, but what a delicious treat for a special occasion! If you like butterfingers (...like me...), then this hot chocolate variation is for you.
Vanilla date cafe au lait
Image from Offbeat and Inspired.
3. Vanilla Date Cafe Au Lait from Offbeat and Inspired. Definitely a more sophisticated drink to try, but I still want to make it one day! Actually, I did more drooling over the photography on this site than anything else. Love the bright, clean whites and styling - so much inspiration. Oh yeah, and the coffee looks great too.

Italian Hot Chocolate
Image from Food Lover's Odyssey.

4. Italian Hot Chocolate from Food Lover's Odyssey. This blogger actually went to Carnevale in Italy and was able to sample real Italian hot chocolate - and proceeded to write up a simple recipe! I can't wait to try this treat from the old country ;)