4 Great Hats for Winter

It's wintertime and it's cold and I don't know about you, but I could always use (or give away!) a new hat! Knit hats are just a classic part of winterwear, and there are so many great designs out there that are begging to be tried. I decided to round up a few of my latest favorites and share them!

(And they are all free!)

Simple Slouch Hat  from She Makes Hats - so cute! Classic slouch hat silhouette, and super easy.

Cocoon by La Maison Rililie. This is another simple shape that's both easy and classic. She offers two variations of this style, so you can customize it!

Slouchie Beanie by Caron International. Love this hat! It looks equally cute with or without a pompom. This project photo by Knit Chick 2 on Ravelry is my favorite version.

Brioche Hood Hat by Valdis Vrang. I love the flapper cloche look of this silhouette, and truth be told I've never tried knitting brioche stitch. I would love to try this hat - it's unique and cute!

Happy knitting!