I had so much fun designing this beret! I took an old doily design and converted it to create the crown of the tam - it added some gorgeous lacy-ness without taking away from the warmth and functionality of the hat.

Love it! I love this hat. Sometimes when I design a hat it looks great on someone else, but I would never wear it because very few hats look good on me...to myself, at least. But I might actually wear this hat to work some cold morning.
This pattern is now available for $5.00 download on Ravelry. Happy crocheting!
Also p.s., I think I finally figured out the exposure settings on my camera. 'Bout time. I submitted some recipes and tutorials to Foodgawker and Craftgawker, and they kept turning my photos down because of poor lighting. If you'll notice, every single one of their project photos is either taken with a stark white background (which some of us don't have because we aren't allowed to paint and have to make do with poster board...), or the photos are overexposed. So I took the (digital) hammer to my photos and overhauled them. And I actually like the more overexposed look. Thanks for challenging me, Gawkerverse!