Apartment Living: Back Deck Project

When I moved into my apartment in November, I loved that it had its own entrance in the back of the house. A single flight of steps led up to a tiny square back deck, where my little red door opened into the entryway. Because it was close to winter, I didn't do very much with the deck, other than putting down a welcome mat and hanging a wreath on my front door (that continued to hang LONG after Christmas - yes, I became one of THOSE people, the holiday decor procrastinators...moving on). 

back deck project

This spring, however, I wanted to do something nice with the little space as soon as it grew warm enough outside (which took forever - thanks, New Hampshire). 

First, I went out on a bright and sunny Saturday to run some errands. I ended up at Walmart and Goodwill and Lowe's, not necessarily in that order. I was on the lookout for cheap outdoor pillows, a chair or bench of some kind, and a trellis for my cherry tomato plants to start twining up. 

I ended up finding a beautiful chair for $5 at Goodwill - it didn't rock, it was sturdy (for the most part), and it wasn't too big. Next, I visited Walmart and they were having a $5/each sale for their outdoor pillows. There was a giant 'cage' of them, in various patterns and colors. I chose two coral pillows with a white detailing, and two dark blue pillows. To finish up my errands, I ran to Lowe's and picked up a cedar trellis that I could put in the container with my tomato plants so they would have something to climb up over the summer.

I already had an outdoor-friendly rug to lay outside, and of course several plants. Look how lovely it came together!

All in all, I think I spent approximately $30 on this project. Worth it! Have you been inspired to make a space look nice lately? Where do you go for inspiration?