Winter in New Hampshire

Winter in New Hampshire. When you've lived here all your life, you get used to it, but people who move in struggle. The months drag on, the snow keeps coming, and the temperatures can be very cold. 

winter in new hampshire

This past week (the one between Christmas and New Year's that everyone is calling so awkward and weird) has been absolutely frigid. The snow has ceased to be snow, and is now a dry, icy dust that the wind is drifting across shoveled paths and filling the cracks of the wood on my deck. The wind is blowing around my windows with an apparent chill of -16 degrees, and it hurts to breathe when I go outside. 

winter in new hampshire

This year, the town didn't plow this tiny weird parking space next to my apartment like they did last year (it's an additional parking space to the tenant parking I use out back), so when trash day came and I knew I had to get the trash can to the sidewalk OR ELSE, I shoveled the 3rd-day-chunky-icy snow and heaved that heavy thing 30 feet (felt like 100) and over two icy plow ridges to get to the sidewalk. Worth it? Maybe. Fun? No. Iconic New England winter reality? Absolutely. Those movies where they show life in like, the Midwest in the winter, and it's super miserable and freezing (think New in Town with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr.) are 100% accurate for New England in the wintertime too. Except maybe Connecticut or something. Not quite so bad.

cozy sweater vibes

When it's this cold outside, soup is a must. One of my favorites this year is a creamy mushroom soup, made with butter, broth, cooking wine, and plenty of cream. Here's the recipe link - it's a mere 30-minute stint in the kitchen, with a delicious reward at the end. 

creamy mushroom soup

Where do you come from? What's the winter season like where you live? Do you have any funny stories, special recipes, or tips/tricks to get through the 'rough' months?