Tagged Beanies: Chunky Knits

While I adore the look of fine knits, with colorwork and lace and fancy techniques, there's something to be said for chunky knits. They're everywhere! And they're so cozy and easy to create. 

chunky knit beanies

A few years ago, I designed the pattern for these beanies - knitted in the 'welted' style, they resemble a beehive with a giant pompom at the top. They're super stretchy, and they look great on a variety of face shapes and head sizes. These beanies are available in my shop for $25 apiece! See all of them here.

chunky knit beanie

And don't those labels look beautiful? A few weeks ago, I was sent a voucher for some unique woven labels through Dutch Label Shop. They're located in Philadelphia, and they make clothing tags and labels using literally any design you send them! At first, I didn't think I could use labels, but then I realized I could be tagging my weavings, scarves, and beanies with them! So I sent along my logo, and in a few days I received my tags in the mail. They're beautiful. The style I purchased is a basic center fold with a selvage edge for hemming. 

custom woven labels
custom woven labels

Don't they look great? They're smooth and professional, and they brand my products beautifully. If you're ever in need of some really well-made woven labels, I recommend Dutch Label Shop. I will be using them again in the future!