By creating purposefully handmade fiber artwork and goods, I seek to enrich the lives of the people around me with unique and beautiful pieces.

Going through a lot of changes around here! Hoping to have more time to create very, very soon. It seems every time I get a part-time job, I end up working full-time hours. I can never find time to sit down and make new things, although I have ideas a-plenty in my brain.

Also I will have some exciting news to share with you next week! Stay tuned.
For those of you reading this - do please take a few moments to comment and let me know how life is! Leave me a link to your blog and show me what you've been up to. What have you made lately? Have you cooked, sewn, knitted, or crocheted anything? What's getting you excited?

Statement Ring: New Etsy Listing

Oven-roasted Vegetables (Ratatouille)