10 Fun Little Crochet Projects

Hello everybody! Today I wanted to show my readers some love and give you all a list of cute little designs you can make in a day or two (or less!). It's the middle of the winter, and the perfect time to whip up a little something for yourself or a friend. Best of all, they're all free! Have fun.

1. How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers by Zoom Yummy. Easy and fun crochet pattern with step-by-step photo instructions. They make a great canvas for embellishment too!

2. Crochet Paper Heart Garland by Big A Little A. What an adorable pattern. I know Valentine's Day is tomorrow, but even just one of these hearts could be made as a special card for someone!
3. Crochet Collar Pattern by Lulu Loves. Peter Pan collars are so cute! What a perfect little addition to any plain-collared shirt, and it can be made in a variety of sizes. (This would be a great way to use up some scrap yarn!)
4. Lace Greeting Card Tutorial by Melmaria. (Of course I had to include a few of my own in here!) Quick and easy, this tutorial is the perfect way to dress up a card for a special occasion, or even just a thoughtful note.
5. A Baby Camel Hairband by The Crochetologist. This is such a beautiful lacy headband, with some beautiful detailing of leaves and flowers on the shell stitch. 
6. Crochet Spring Placemat by Zoom Yummy. So spring-like! If you're looking for the perfect way to herald in the spring season, this placemat is great. Two rolled up together would make a lovely housewarming gift!
7. Colorful Flower Coasters by Melmaria. These are especially nice in a cotton yarn, but any fiber blend will do. These would also make a cute housewarming gift!
8. Ripple Lace Fingerless Gloves by Bethsco. Of course I have to include at least one fingerless gloves pattern! These are light and lacy, perfect for late winter/early spring. 
9. Big Crochet Button Tutorial by April. These cute buttons are so easy to make, and add a touch of yarn flair to any project requiring some big buttons!

10. Crochet Animals by Zoom Yummy (can you tell I love this website?). These are the absolute cutest little crochet animals! You can hang them as a garland or ornaments, glue them to a card, or use them as coasters.   Absolutely adorable.
I hope you enjoyed my little list of projects! Have fun crocheting. I'd love to see what you make! If you have a blog or a Pinterest, post your pictures and comment here to tell me! 
Happy Valentine's Day!