Melody Fulone Fiber Artist

Hi, friends! Welcome to my space. Come in, sit down, let me pour you a cup of tea, and here's a cozy blanket. 

I grew up creating and my hands are almost never idle. From painting to sewing to crocheting, I explored every avenue I could reach. The same is true today! I still love pursuing new skills, but I've learned which ones are closest to my heart. The skills that involve yarn, threads, and fibers of any kind are the ones that truly inspire me. I am a fiber artist, and I seek to create fine artwork using my hands and the different materials of the world around me. 

Nicola woven pillow.jpg

My work is inspired by warm colors, bohemian interiors, fresh plants, high mountains, and vintage textiles.

Each piece begins organically, sometimes with a sketch, sometimes not. I have dozens of journals, probably hundreds of sticky notes, and my brain is constantly whirling with unrealized ideas. The possibilities of combining various fiber arts and craft techniques overwhelm me, but never fail to keep me inspired to create.


The art of rendering a single thread into something intricate and beautiful draws me like nothing else.

I have also learned I have a love of teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. As an introvert this can be difficult to carry out, but I genuinely enjoy connecting with others in an authentic way. One way I've explored this is by offering workshops at a local shop (Apotheca Flowers) and through DIY tutorials on my blog.

Melody Fulone Fiber Artist

When I'm not working at my day job as a product specialist/customer service contact at Harrisville Designs, or studying for my B.A. in Graphic Design, you can find me in my beautiful studio working on various projects with a cup of hot coffee and a sweater.

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